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Visible veins, like spider veins, may be caused by a number of factors, including genetics, frequent standing, obesity, pregnancy, hormone changes, and more, which means you may not be able to prevent visible veins, but you can treat them. Laser vein treatments at ZO Skin Centre® in Orange County can help reduce the appearance of small to medium-sized blood vessels in the face and body. Typically found on the face, thighs, and lower legs, visible blood vessels can be faded or eliminated with nonsurgical laser treatments. At our locations in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, we use the NewSurg KTP diode laser system for laser vein treatments. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the procedure and if it is right for your needs.

Best Candidates

Laser vein treatments can be used to reduce the appearance of visible veins in a branching or web like pattern, including:



Port wine stains


Scar revision

Spider veins


Venous lakes

What to expect

Laser vein treatments may take about 15 – 30 minutes, depending on how many areas are being treated and the size of each area. After your eyes are protected, a technician will pass the handpiece over the visible veins, which will emit pulses of light. The blood in the vessel will soak up the light and eventually be absorbed by the body. You should be able to resume your normal activities after your treatment, but you should avoid sun exposure in treated areas and wearing support/compression garments can promote healing. You will probably be able to see a reduction in the appearance of your veins right away, but most patients need multiple treatments to see their best results and touch-up treatments may be needed if future veins appear.

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Erase Visible Veins

Wear short shorts and go makeup free after laser vein treatments at ZO Skin Centre® in Orange County help you fade visible veins on your face and body. Schedule a consultation at either our office in Laguna Beach or Newport Beach to learn more about laser vein treatments and how they may be able to clear your complexion.

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