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To physically exfoliate the skin and see dramatic results, consider a dermaplane treatment. At ZO Skin Centre® in Orange County, our skin care professionals perform dermaplane treatments to safely and effectively exfoliate the outer, damaged layers of skin so you can see a more beautiful complexion. Using a medical-grade blade, the dermaplane treatment removes the fine vellus hair and dead skin cells left on the face for a smoother feel. Available at our Laguna Beach, CA location, the dermaplane treatment can be combined with one of our custom ZO® Facial Treatments so your renewed skin is nourished and protected for long-lasting results.

Best Candidates

Dermaplane treatments can help with signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, as well as other complexion problems like skin spots, and blotchiness. You may consider a dermaplane treatment if you want more dramatic results than a microdermabrasion treatment, but are concerned about sensitivity or reactions from a chemical peel. Dermaplaning is safe for pregnant or lactating clients who cannot have chemical peels.  Those with very oily or active acne should avoid this treatment as well as anyone with thick, dark facial hair. Your ZO® skin care professional will listen to your needs and concerns during your consultation before helping you determine if a dermaplane treatment and/or other ZO® facial treatment is best.

What to expect

The dermaplane treatment takes about 90 minutes after your customized plan is created in your consultation. After your skin is cleansed, your ZO® technician will begin your dermaplane treatment. The sterile blade is skimmed over the surface of the skin to remove the upper layers of dead skin cells. You may have temporary skin irritation or redness for about a week after your treatment, but this should be mild and resolve on its own. You should see some improvements right after your treatment, but your skin will also become smoother and firmer over time. Talk to your ZO® skin care professional about what skin care products you should use at home and how often you should schedule a dermaplane treatment.

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30 – 60 Minutes
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Uncover Radiant Skin

Take years of damage off your skin with a dermaplane treatment at ZO Skin Centre® in Orange County and uncover radiant skin. Your skin care professional will carefully remove the upper layers of your skin that show signs of damage, aging so your skin can look and feel fresher. Schedule a consultation at the location that's convenient to you (Laguna Beach or Newport Beach) to discover how a dermaplane treatment can benefit you.

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