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If you're no longer seeing the results you want from skin care products, but aren't ready for invasive or surgical procedures, Clear + Brilliant® treatments at ZO Skin Centre® in Orange County can boost the health and appearance of your skin. A Clear + Brilliant® treatment can help you fight signs of aging like uneven skin tone, rough skin texture, visible pores, fine lines, and wrinkles so you can look younger and more radiant. Since Clear + Brilliant® improves the health of the skin, other ZO® treatments and products will be able to work more effectively for better results. Be proactive about your skin's health by scheduling a consultation to learn more about nonsurgical, noninvasive Clear + Brilliant® laser skin treatments at our offices in Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.

Best Candidates

Clear + Brilliant® laser skin care treatments can benefit most skin tones and types, but it is best if you want to treat early signs of aging or boost your overall skin health. Clear + Brilliant® is designed to even and illuminate your skin tone while also smoothing your skin texture, reducing the size of pores, and correcting fine lines and wrinkles. Many patients notice that their skin care products and treatments work better after their Clear + Brilliant® treatment, since the ingredients can penetrate the skin for deeper nourishment.

What to expect

Clear + Brilliant® sessions take about 30 minutes after your consultation to customize your treatment plan. While you relax in one of our private treatment rooms, your ZO® skin care professional can apply a topical numbing cream to help you feel more comfortable during the procedure. After cleaning your skin, the technician will carefully guide the Clear + Brilliant® handpiece across your skin until all areas have been treated fully and evenly. After the skin is treated, your technician will apply a moisturizer and other skin care products that will help soothe and heal your skin. You will be able to resume your normal routine after your treatment, but sun protection should be used since your skin will be more sensitive than normal. During your consultation, your ZO® skin care professional will help you determine how many Clear + Brilliant® treatments you may need to reach your goal and how often they should be performed. You can also get recommendations on which ZO® products will complement your treatment and help extend your results.

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Clear and Brilliant Results

Take your skin health to the next level with Clear + Brilliant® laser treatments at ZO Skin Centre® in Orange County. Clear + Brilliant® treatments can help fight the signs of aging while also improving the overall health and appearance of your skin. We look forward to seeing you at either Laguna Beach or Newport Beach and helping you with your skin care needs.

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