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If your skin doesn't look as bright or feel as smooth as you would like, it may be time to get a fresh, new look. At ZO Skin Centre®, our skin professionals use an effective combination of exfoliation and potent products to reveal a smoother, brighter layer of skin during the ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment. Unwanted pigment (dark and sun spots), as well as fine lines can be reduced with brightening extracts and kojic acid used during the treatment. The ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment can also help your skin feel silky and look more even so your skin care products can penetrate deeper and your makeup will go on smoother. If you want to uncover a fresh, new complexion, schedule a ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment at either of our locations in Orange County (Laguna Beach and Newport Beach).

Best Candidates

The ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment is best if you want a smoother skin texture and more even skin tone. This ZO® treatment can also help you reduce pigment (dark spots, sun spots) and reduce fine lines on the face. Talk to your ZO® skin care professional about your current skin concerns so they can develop a custom ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing treatment plan to fit your needs. To improve your overall skin health and appearance, talk to you ZO® skin professional about including one of our facial treatment enhancers with your ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment: oxygen, collagen, dermaplane, LED, vitamin A, lymphatic drainage, and microdermabrasion.

What to Expect

You should plan to relax for about 60 minutes during your ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment after your consultation. The ZO® skin care professional will begin by cleansing the skin before beginning the exfoliating treatments. Once the exfoliation is complete, a moisturizer will be applied to protect your skin and seal in nutrients. Patients are able to resume their normal activities after their treatment, but should remember to wear sun protection since their skin will be sensitive. Your ZO® skin care professional can help you create an at-home skin care regimen with ZO® products to maintain your results and determine when you should schedule your next ZO® treatment.

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Smooth Surfaces Ahead

When you feel the skin on your cheek, does it feel like a rose petal or sandpaper? Make sure your skin feels smooth and silky with a ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment at ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach or Laguna Beach. With brightening extracts, kojic acid, and nourishing hydrators, the ZO® Ossential® Resurfacing Treatment can help your complexion look smoother and more radiant.

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