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Your skin will look and feel so much better after a Custom ZO® Peel at ZO Skin Centre® in Orange County that you'll want the results to last longer. To help extend the benefits of an in-office ZO® Peel, we offer At-Home ZO® Peels that are customized for your skin type and goals. The At-Home ZO® Peels allow you to safely boost your treatment benefits in between professional treatments so you can see faster results that last longer. At-Home ZO® Peels contain powerful ingredients that can nurture and repair your skin. Along with the other products in your personalized home ZO® skin care regimen, you can help prevent or correct skin blemishes and signs of aging for your best complexion.

Best Candidates

If you enjoy the results of your professional ZO Skin Centre® Treatment, you may want a personalized At-Home ZO® Peel to extend and enhance your benefits. Your ZO® skin care professional will listen to your needs and concerns during your consultation before helping you decide which At-Home ZO® Peel will be best for your skin type and cosmetic goals. You should continue to schedule regular ZO® Peels in our office along with your At-Home ZO® Peel to see your optimal results.

What to expect

Your skin care consultant will help you understand how and when to use your At-Home ZO® Peel safely. It is important to use sun protection after peels since the new skin will be sensitive to UV rays and environmental damage. You may still have some peeling or redness after an At-Home ZO® Peel, but you should not require a recovery time. After an At-Home ZO® Peel, your skin should look more radiant and feel smoother with less visible damage. You can schedule your next ZO® Peel at our office in advance or when you feel you need a deeper treatment.

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Don't let the results and benefits of your treatment at the ZO Skin Centre® fade away until your next appointment; ask about personalized At-Home ZO® Peels. Safe, but effective, At-Home ZO® Peels can keep your skin refreshed and prolong the results you see after a professional ZO® Facial Treatment. Your skin care professional can help you choose the right peel and coordinating products to meet your skin needs and goals.

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