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Growing in popularity for men and women in America, butt augmentation helps improve the shape and volume of the buttocks. While there are various surgical options (butt augmentation with implants or a fat transfer) that are able to help you attain a fuller appearance, ZO Skin Centre® Orange County is proud to offer a nonsurgical butt lift at our office in Laguna Beach, CA. Using Sculptra® injections, our experienced team can give you a fuller buttocks without the need for incisions or extensive recovery time. If you want to avoid surgery or don't have enough body fat for a transfer, then the Sculptra® butt lift is able to help you get a shapely figure with nonsurgical dermal filler injections. Contact our location in Laguna Beach, CA to get your custom Sculptra® butt lift treatment plan.

Best Candidates

The ZO Skin Centre® Orange County location in Laguna Beach, CA offers the Sculptra® butt lift to men and women of all ages. You may be an ideal candidate for butt augmentation with Sculptra® if you want a fuller, rounder buttocks without surgery. The Sculptra® butt lift may help if you have a naturally flat buttocks or if your butt has lost volume due to age or significant weight loss. Many Orange County patients prefer the Sculptra® butt lift over the time and expense needed for a surgical butt augmentation with implants or a Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer). During your consultation, your skilled injector will discuss your options based on your needs and goals.

What to Expect

In your consultation, your personal treatment plan will be developed to help make sure you get your desired results. Once your plan is created, the Sculptra® injections will be administered with a fine needle. While this should cause minimal or no pain, a numbing cream can be applied beforehand to reduce discomfort. Multiple injections are performed in layers at strategic points on your buttocks to build layers of volume until your goal is achieved.

Since the Sculptra® butt lift is a nonsurgical procedure, you will be able to go home or resume your normal activities after your appointment. For several days after your appointment, you may have some swelling, redness, or bruising in and around the injection sites. This is normal and should fade on its own. Sculptra® injections prompt increased production of collagen in your skin and add natural-looking volume with gradual improvements, so it may take several weeks or months to see your final outcome. Generally, patients get 2 – 3 sessions administered about four weeks apart to see their best results. Though some of the dermal filler might be reabsorbed, you should be able to enjoy a fuller buttocks with a subtle lift for up to two years.

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A Fuller Butt Without Surgery

If you can't get the shape you want through millions of squats, but want to avoid surgery, schedule a consultation to learn more about the Sculptra® butt lift. A nonsurgical alternative to butt augmentation with implants or a fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift), the Sculptra® butt lift can improve the shape and volume of your body without incisions or recovery time. Contact ZO Skin Centre® Orange County in Laguna Beach, CA to learn more about the Sculptra® butt lift and other treatments.

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